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Homefront 2 still in development at Crytek

by on07 October 2013

Hope that it will reinvent the franchise once released

Crytek is still working on Homefront 2 in the Crytek UK studio. Progress is being made and the developer hopes to reinvent the franchise once it finally is released.

After acquiring the rights to the franchise when THQ collapsed, Crytek delayed the release of the title in order to work toward getting the title to live up to the potential of the IP. Right now there is no time table or confirmed platforms for the game yet.

Sources have confirmed that Crytek is working on a number of yet to be announced projects. It is not clear yet in which order Crytek will be finishing them in order to get them released. Homefront 2 is apparently one of the higher priority projects, but sources say that the developer still has a ways to go till it would be ready for release, so don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

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