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At least 10 games coming in the next fiscal year

by on15 May 2014

Take-Two has already announced many of them

As we told you yesterday, we know that something is coming from Rockstar during the first part of next year, but besides saying that it was a next-generation title, nothing else is known of what it might be that Rockstar is planning. Many think it will be a next-generation version of GTA V, but not everyone is so sure.

Since we can’t solve that mystery just yet, the next best question to ask is what are these other games that Take-Two might be talking about when it says that it has at least 10 games coming in the next fiscal year?

Well, we actually know about five of them already since they are yearly franchises or have already been announced. Take-Two releases in the next fiscal year include: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, Evolve, NBA 2K15, and WWE 2K15. With the addition of the title from Rockstar, this makes six that we know are coming.

What else might Take-Two have planned? Well it is hard to say actually. We suspect that they will have an announcement of some other stuff at E3, but we are going to have to wait till then.


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