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Wii goes around the U bend

by on29 May 2014

Developers Nintendo-off

Nintendo’s Wii U game console is proving such a turkey that developers can’t fit it into their ovens. Sales fell far short of Nintendo's estimates last fiscal year, and despite the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros it doesn't expect to sell many Wii Us in 2014.

However although Nintendo plans to continue to develop games for its console, third-party developers, including Electronic Arts are rushing to abandon it. Ubisoft, a major third-party developer, doesn't plan to showcase any games for Nintendo's console at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). By tradition, the trade show is used as a venue to showcase upcoming titles.

This means that if Ubisoft doesn't plan to demonstrate any Wii U games at E3, then it's likely that it doesn't plan to release any new games for the Wii U. Our guess is that Nintendo is letting the U die and developers have worked out that it is not worth their time and effort developing games for it.

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