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Juniper Research expects gaming market to shrink

by on22 July 2014

Consoles and PCs having a hard time

Juniper Research expects PC and console game revenues to decline from $46.5 this year to $41 billion in 2019.

However, although traditional gaming platforms are not doing well, the research firm still expects consoles and PCs to account for more than 50 percent of worldwide gaming revenue in the near future. Mobile is hot, but revenues remain weak.

The rise of mobile gaming has taken its toll on handhelds, which are expected to shrink to just 2 percent of global gaming revenue by 2018. Smartphones are doing to handhelds what they already did to portable media players and entry level point-and-shoot cameras.

There is some good news though. Cloud gaming is the next big thing and Juniper expects cloud gaming revenue to hit about $1 billion in five years. This year cloud gaming should rake in about $281 million. Researchers also expect game streaming platforms to do well in the near future.

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