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Online play to return to PC Borderlands

by on30 July 2014

Upcoming update moves the game to Steam

With the closure of the GameSpy server, a good number of games hit the end of the road. Some publishers have been less than excited about finding a solution so that players could continue to play these titles online, but 2K Games said back in April that it was investigating the technical feasibility of transitioning online play for Borderlands and Civilization Revolution to allow online play to continue.

We have now learned that a new game update for Borderlands allows the SecuROM DRM to be removed from physical disc versions of the game to allow it to be transitioned to a Steam version using a “Granting Too” that has been developed. Keys and DLC Keys can be imported into Steam to activate DLC content within Steam.

Once converted over to the Steam version, a news ticket on the game’s main menu will keep you up to date on the latest progress. Full multiplayer will return to the PC version of Borderlands using Steamworks with a future update that will be coming to the Steam version. So once you convert over to the Steam version, know that you will be getting multiplayer back in the near future. No timeline has been confirmed as to when we can expect the multiplayer on Steamworks update to be released.

Sure would be nice if some of the other developers would follow 2K’s lead here and transition over to Steamworks if possible.

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