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Complains continue over 20GB Halo download

by on21 October 2014

Just let retailer buyers start the download early

Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries which is the keeper of all things Halo has expressed apologies over the 20GB day one download that will be necessary for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

O’Connor says that it is necessary and a second disc would not address the issue and provide the seamless experience that they wanted to create. The second disc would have led to disc swapping and it would not have been the same experience. The design goal was to have The Master Chief Collection run as one unified product.

While he admits that the bulk of the content is multiplayer content that is included in the 20GB day one download. While he does realize that it is annoying, he thinks that the way that the package will work in the end will more than make up for it.

We suggest a novel idea to help with the problem. Since you are allowing pre-loads for those that went with the digital download version of The Master Chief Collection, why not just let those that are buying the game at retail start downloading the 20GB day one content ahead of time. Yes, we realize that it would likely be a manual process, but if you could start downloading the 20GB days early and the download already has the ability to be paused if necessary, this could stop a lot of the complaining that we are reading about.

Seems to us that Microsoft pretty much already has everything in place to make this happen, so why not just do it. With a posting and a few screen shots, you can walk folks through the ability to manually download the 20GB ahead of time, so that when they pick up their physical copy on release day, there isn’t an issue and they are ready with play with no waiting.

It seems like a simply solution to us, but we suspect that it is something that won’t happen, but you never know.

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