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Advanced Warfare resolution outted

by on04 November 2014

Both versions rock solid at 60fps

During a Reddit AmA, Michael Condrey co-founder of Sledgehammer games confirmed the resolution of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

As was pretty much a given, both versions will be running at a solid 60fps and 1080p. With the PlayStation 4 version running native 1080p, once again and the Xbox One version gets there by way of an upconvert.

The upconvert this time around on the Xbox One version to 1080p isn’t actually as big of a jump. The Xbox One version natively renders at 1360x1080 and then is upconverted to 1080p from there. Intresting to note that this is a 50% improvement over last year’s rendering for the Xbox One platform.

At that resolution, it is doubtful that anyone will notice much of a difference. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare re was released today in North America with the release in Europe coming Friday.

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