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Watch Dogs for Wii U not selling

by on25 November 2014

No more Ubisoft M rated for Wii U

Despite the hard work that Nintendo put in when the Wii U was released, saying that the console would be a console for all gamers including hardcore gamers, the console seems to continue to attract little support from Wii U owners for M (Mature) rated or adult titles if you will. Time and time again, just like what we saw on the Wii, M rated titles just don’t seem to sell on Nintendo’s consoles.

The latest evidence of another Mature rated title bombing on the console is the delayed release of Watch Dogs for the Wii U. Granted, it was finally released on the Wii U after a long wait while Ubisoft finished up the versions for the other consoles and released them. The reality is that it is looking like that might have been better off not to release Watch Dogs on the Wii U after all.

So with the release of Watch Dogs bombing out on the Wii U with next to no sales at all, we believe that this is the end or close to the end of the release of Mature/Adult titles for the Wii U. Ubisoft has already said that the sales figured for the M rated titles on the Wii U show that customers don’t want them and don’t buy them on the Wii U, so they will focus on the titles that customers want on the Wii U.

What is perhaps more sad about this is the fact that the Wii U can use all of the titles it can get, but if people are not going to buy them, there is no reason to bring them out on the Wii U. We suspect that while Watch Dogs will not be the last M rated title on the Wii U, we suspect it will be one of the last. Too bad for Wii U owners who continue to complain about the lack of titles as this will make developers even more worried about taking the risk of title development on the Wii U, no matter what rating the title might get.

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