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Samsung announces Gamefly streaming

by on03 September 2015

Nvidia Grid like service for Samsung TV

Samsung has just announced its subscription-based Gamefly streaming service for its TV which has a striking similarity to the Nvidia Grid. 

You won’t need a PC or console it will work via Internet on your TV. Samsung wasn’t going into many details about the service, it just mentioned some of the games which would be available including Batman, Grid 2, Hitman absolution and a few others.

Samsung believes this is the future of gaming. We don’t know how the experience compares with some of the other heavyweights including Nvidia who have been doing this for a long time .

Samsung didn’t mention when it will start this service or how much it will cost. It might be a good thing for Nvidia as Samsung would needed a bunch of Grid servers to run these games remotely to stream them to a Samsung TV near you.

Last modified on 03 September 2015
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