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Valve's top games for 2016

by on02 January 2017

Valve has gone them on its list

Valve has named its 100 best-selling Steam games of 2016.

Valve hasn't previously compiled an annual list of which Steam games earned the most money and so this gives us an idea which games, including free-to-play games, performed best this year.

Rather than ranked in order from 1-100, the list is separated into tiers, from Platinum to Bronze, based on revenue, as opposed to copies sold.

• Rocket League
• Grand Theft Auto V
• Civilization VI
• DOTA 2
• Dark Souls 3
• No Man’s Sky
• The Division
• The Witcher 3
• Fallout 4
• Total War: Warhammer

No Man's Sky managed to make it into the platinum category despite a huge pile of hate from gamers in August with some managing to obtain refunds via Steam despite having played the game for 50 hours.

The Gold level list was:

• Dead by Daylight
• ARMA 3
• Call of Duty Black Ops 3
• Rainbow Six Siege
• Stellaris
• ARK: Survival Evolved
• Team Fortress 2
• Rise of the Tomb Raider
• Warframe
• H1Z1 King of the Hill
• Stardew Valley

The silver tier included

• Rust
• Far Cry Primal
• Payday 2
• Europa Universalis IV
• Skyrim
• Subnautica
• Hearts of Iron IV
• Planet Coaster
• Civilization V
• Cities: Skylines
• War Thunder
• Watch Dogs 2
• Deus Ex Mankind Divided
• Dying Light: The Following

So all prettly much as expected.


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