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Epic games boss slams Windows 10 Cloud plans

by on02 February 2017

Calls it Crush Steam Edition

Epic Games founder has slammed Microsoft over its rumoured move to build a version of Windows 10 that can only install apps from the Windows Store.

Tim Sweeney went mental on Twitter calling Windows 10 Cloud, he's dubbing it " Windows 10 Crush Steam Edition".

Sweeney thinks that Vole wants total control over the Windows platform and destroy Valve's Steam. However that looks unlikely even if you think that Microsoft is the evil corporate empire ready to destroy the world. The current thinking appears to be that
Windows 10 Cloud will be aimed at markets where Chromebooks are making inroads such as education and will not be heading towards games at all.

This is not the first time Sweeney has had a pop at Microsoft. Last year he went off half-cocked against the Universal Windows Platform API. Sweeney incorrectly claimed that third-party stores such as Steam would be unable to sell and distribute UWP games, leaving them at a disadvantage relative to Microsoft's own store.

Sweeney followed this statement with the claim that Microsoft would systematically modify Windows to make Steam work progressively horrible so that gamers grew tired of it and switch to the Windows Store.

In his tweets, Sweeney said that Microsoft wants to compete with Chrome OS. He wrote:

"It's great for Microsoft to compete with ChromeOS, but NOT BY LOCKING OUT COMPETING WINDOWS SOFTWARE STORES."

Later he does recognise that there is some value of Microsoft running lockdowns, but Sweeney says that Windows 10's "great admin features to limit user software installs" should be used instead.

It is all unfair to Microsoft. To compete against Chromebook, Windows 10 Cloud needs to be locked down by default and must be tricky to unlock. Otherwise what will happen is that Chromebooks running Chrome OS will grow like topsy. Not only will these machines not support third-party stores, they will not support Steam, or PC games. It might be better for Sweeny to be slamming Google, but then Microsoft is so much of a softer target.

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