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Project Scorpio announcement this week

by on04 April 2017

After a year of waiting

Software king of the world Microsoft is expected to make an announcement on its Project Scorpio this week.

For those who came in late, Project Scorpio is a 4K, VR-capable console that will kick the Playstation in its consoles. However since saying something last summer we have heard nothing about the upgraded hardware.

According to Windows Central “a major gaming outlet” visited Microsoft HQ recently to learn about the final specs of the console in preparation for “a planned exclusive blowout of coverage”.

To demonstrate the power of Project Scorpio, Microsoft showed off Forza Motorsport 7, which reportedly runs in 4K and will likely release shortly before or on the same day as the Project Scorpio console itself.

Windows Central hinted that Vole would be releasing something more about the new Xbox One sometime this week.

For example, we know that it will run at six teraflops, that it will feature 12GB of GDDR5 memory and that, much like the PS4 Pro, it won’t feature any exclusive games.

Any game that runs on Project Scorpio will also run on an Xbox One or Xbox One S.

Windows Central also claims that the Scorpio will have a more compact design than one might expect from a superpowered video game console.

Scorpio will also apparently ditch the power brick, which was one of the more disappointing aspects of the original Xbox One.

After nearly a year of waiting, it looks like Project Scorpio news is right around the corner.

Last modified on 04 April 2017
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