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European Steam Deck orders ship within a day

by on02 December 2022

Firsthand experience

The Steam Deck is a refreshing and innovative console launched in mid-July 2021 and started shipping to first pre-order customers in February 2022. With the preorder system in place, one had to wait usually months to get one. What changed in the last few weeks is the fact that Steam offers to ship them within one to two weeks, at least in the old continent.

Officially it’s been a month since you don’t need to have a preorder unit and wait. One can just jump and buy one, as the availability has improved massively in the last two weeks.  

December is very busy in the western hemisphere and drives a lot of Christmas-driven purchases, parts, and electronics. The steam deck looks like a solid handheld console for everyone who is into PC gaming. Due to my decades of focus on the consumer, PC, and gaming market, after a bit of research, I decided to give the Steam Deck a try.  After all, I have plenty of games in my steam account, making me spend less on the games at first. At least some of them are qualified to run well on Steam.

One to two weeks of waiting for something that was unavailable for months is fine, and I ordered one. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the unit was packed and shipped the next day and was on its way.


All three versions should be shipped within one to two weeks.  The most affordable one sets one back for 419 Euro, the mid-tier with 256 GB NVMe storage for 549 Eur, and the most expensive, with a bit better glass over the screen and 512 GB storage, is also available in one to two weeks for 679 Eur. Gabe Newell’s, Valves Apple overcharging to storage does not sit well with me.   

The fact that Steam Deck promises future devices implies that the next one will certainly improve a bundle of things. There is longevity, a future roadmap, and some unpleasing hardware compromises that made me want to wait, but the pioneer spirit wanted me to be in the loop.

I’ll keep you posted.


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