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Steam Summer Sale brings discounts for Steam Deck as well

by on30 June 2023

Down by up to 20 percent

Valve's handheld console, the Steam Deck, has been discounted by up to 20 percent during the Steam Summer Sale, with the most expensive model now priced at $519.20.

The Steam Summer Sale is live and the Steam Deck is also a part of it as Valve has significantly dropped the price on all three models. The base 64GB eMMC model, which is also the one that sells the most due to a pretty simple storage upgrade, is down from $399 to $359.10. The Steam Deck 256GB NVMe SSD model is down by 15 percent, from $529, down to $449.65. The top model, 512GB NVMe SSD one, is down by 20 percent, from $649, down to $519.20.

The Steam Deck has been discounted back in March during another Steam Sale, but this time around, it is even cheaper, which might be the result of the recent flood of handheld consoles.

Valve also made a list of the top 100 games played on Steam Deck in 2023, and some of them are also a part of the Steam Summer Sale. You can check out the Steam Deck and the game list over at

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