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XBOX boss: we're not ditching disks yet

by on22 February 2024

Even if fans are not interested

The gaming chief says Xbox will keep supporting old-fashioned disks but admits that console fans are losing interest.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Xbox isn't ready to bin the disks just yet—even though making disk slots could be a nightmare in the future.

"Our strategy does not depend on people going all-digital. Getting shot of physical, that's not a big deal for us," he said.

While Spencer hinted that disk slots have become a bit dated by now, Xbox consoles will still offer both disk-friendly and disk-free options if gamers still fancy them. However, Vole hasn't said whether the rumoured diskless Xbox update of the Series X console is still on the cards.

"Gaming consoles have kind of become the last gadget with a drive," Spencer admitted, calling it a "real problem."

Because so few makers are still knocking out physical disk slots, making consoles with them could be too pricey in the future.

"When you think about bits that we're going to stick in a console—and as you have fewer sellers and fewer buyers—the drive cost does make a difference," Spencer said.

Spencer said that the number of Xbox console fans has flatlined over the past five or six years compared to PC and cloud gaming.

Last modified on 22 February 2024
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