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Nintendo crushes Yuzu

by on05 March 2024

Switch "pirates" forced to pay £1.7 million and close

Nintendo, the gaming giant behind the Switch, has smashed Yuzu, the free software that lets you play Switch games on your PC, phone or tablet.

Yuzu was launched in 2018 and was constantly updated by its makers, Tropic Haze. But last week Nintendo took them to court, accusing them of helping gamers to crack the Switch's security and play dodgy copies of games.

Tropic Haze didn't have a chance against Nintendo's lawyers, and agreed to cough up £1.7 million to settle the case and shut down Yuzu for good.

The court ordered them to hand over their website to Nintendo and stop any online activity related to Yuzu. And in a weird twist, they had to delete all their software and tools, as if they never existed.

Nintendo said they were protecting their games and customers from piracy, but some fans say they were being too harsh and greedy.

Last modified on 05 March 2024
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