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Nintendo's legal level-up

by on15 March 2024

Emulator devs duck for cover

After Nintendo went full bowser, breathing legal fire on the devs behind Yuzu the emulation scene's shaking in its boots,

Seven coders have hung up their hats, with others sneaking around like ninjas, trying not to get spotted by the Big N's legal spotlight. Four devs refused to open the door when Verge hacks knocked asking them questions about the court action.

One even tried to hit the undo button on their chat, scared stiff of the press.

But it's not all doom and gloom. A fearless four are standing their ground, betting their bottom dollar that Nintendo won't pick a fight with them. They reckon they're on solid ground, and Yuzu got caught with its hand in the cookie jar.

They confess they haven't got the dosh for a courtroom brawl. They'd likely wave the white flag if Nintendo came a-knocking.

However Yuzu might be the Hydra of gaming – chop one head off, and two more pop up! True to form, many Yuzu offshoots – Suyu, Sudachi, Lemonade, and Lime – have sprouted up.

 But they're playing it cool, using Nintendo's lawsuit as a 'How Not To' guide. They say there will be no more piracy how-tos, and they're stripping Yuzu down to make pirated play a no-go.

These emulator whizzes also make it clear that they're not nicking a penny from Nintendo's piggy bank. One's even binned the early access donation gate, chucking everything up on GitHub for free. And the Dolphin Emulator? It's laid its cards on the table for all to see, showing off a budget that's more pocket money than a treasure chest.

Last modified on 15 March 2024
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