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Russia makes efforts towards a glorious domestic gaming revolution

by on02 April 2024

Tsar Putin has spoken and it shall be so

In a bold move aimed at bolstering Russia's technological sovereignty, hs Imperial Majesty Russias TsarVladimir Putin, Emperor and Autocrat of All has decreed the exploration of homegrown gaming consoles to rival the decadent PlayStation and Xbox.

The Motherland has long harboured suspicions against Western games and developers, viewing them as conduits of corrupt bourgeois ideology. Recent threats to ban titles like Apex Legends and The Last of Us Part 2 are but manifestations of the state's staunch opposition to pro-LGBTQ propaganda, which might lead to an era of tolerance.

Under the watchful eye of the Organisation for Developing the Video Game Industry (RVI), a grand scheme has been unveiled, culminating in the birth of fully capable gaming consoles by 2026-2027.

Following a symposium on Kaliningrad's economic prosperity, Putin has commanded government apparatchiks to probe the prerequisites for manufacturing domestic gaming consoles. Stationary and portable devices are to be considered alongside the development of a bespoke operating system and cloud infrastructure. Under the vigilant oversight of the Tsar, the deadline for these endeavours is June 15, 2024. This ambitious project holds the promise of transforming Russia's gaming landscape.

As confirmed by a Kremlin spokesperson, the console initiative is a testament to the Tsar’s commitment to nurturing Russia's indigenous gaming industry.

In an earlier proclamation, the RVI vowed to forge closer ties with international gaming bodies and lay the groundwork for homegrown game development. Similar aspirations were articulated in past years, including plans to concoct a rival to the Unreal Engine in 2022.

However, the road to technological emancipation is fraught with challenges. Western gaming hegemony's grasp extends beyond mere developers, as evidenced by a 2023 tribunal sanctioning Twitch for disseminating "counter-revolutionary" misinformation regarding Russia's noble endeavours in Ukraine.

Yet, the steadfast resolve of the Imperialist spirit persists. Despite the seemingly insurmountable dominance of Sony and Microsoft, whose latest consoles loom on the horizon, the imposition of sanctions has rendered their products scarce in Russian lands. Should the sanctions endure, the Russians may pave the way for the ascension of the Russian console.

The struggle for technological self-sufficiency continues, but the beacon of Soviet ingenuity shall illuminate the path towards a truly socialist gaming revolution!

Last modified on 02 April 2024
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