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Suicide Squad Hackers unleash chaos and skins

by on08 April 2024

Wall to wall DMCAs

The live-service blaster, "Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League," is up to its neck in hacker hijinks.

As reported by Kotaku, the hackers have not only caused their usual chaos but have also managed to get their hands on exclusive characters and skins that were yet to be released. This unauthorized access has not gone down well with the higher-ups at WB Games, who are now scrambling to contain the leaks.

IGN's got the scoop that some clever clogs hacked into playing Deathstroke, one of the four rogues Rocksteady Studios has been dangling in front of us for the next season of Suicide Squad shenanigans. Unreleased getups for The Joker and King Shark have been popping up too, causing quite the kerfuffle on Reddit and X/Twitter since April 4.

Those digital goodies were yanked from the net, leaving everyone to suspect that WB Games was cracking the whip. TrixRidiculous, a YouTuber known for gabbing about DC and Marvel RPGs, found their X/Twitter posts vanished in a puff of smoke, courtesy of a DMCA wallop. He lobbed three pics onto Twitter and in less time than it takes to boil a kettle, he copped a DMCA snotogram from m’learned friends at WB Games."

They just wanted to highlight the fact that the game's leaderboard is more stuffed with hackers and cheaters than a Christmas turkey, and they've been running amok since day dot.

The discontent is palpable on the game's official subreddit, with the community growing increasingly frustrated with the influx of hackers on the leaderboards. It's a situation that's enough to make anyone lose their cool.

Last modified on 08 April 2024
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