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ZOTAC to jump on gaming handheld console train at Computex

by on29 May 2024

Computex 2024: New mini PCs and graphics cards as well

ZOTAC has teased its upcoming products for the Computex 2024 show which officially kicks off on June 4th, including a gaming handheld, new mini PCs, and graphics cards.

According to the teaser, it appears that ZOTAC is also joining in on the gaming handheld fun, and while the company is keeping most details for the Computex 2024 show, it did say it will be built around a 7" AMOLED multitouch high-refresh rate display and a couple of gaming-oriented features.

"Ever since the establishment of the ZOTAC GAMING brand, we have strived to provide an unmatched gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide," Said Tony Wong, Chief Executive Officer of ZOTAC. "We have made considerable efforts to raise the bar with our debut handheld, tailor-made with competitive features for all gamers."

ZOTAC has plenty of experience at cramming some powerful hardware in a tight space so the upcoming handheld console might have a surprise or two that could differentiate it from the competition.

zotac computex 1

In addition to the gaming handheld console, ZOTAC is also bringing its AI-oriented computing solutions, ranging from graphics cards, and power-efficient Nvidia Jetson edge AI systems, to 10GPU HPC servers. We also expect ZOTAC's full line of RTX 40 and RTX 40 SUPER series graphics cards, and a couple of new Mini PCs. Zotac listed several new Mini PCs and other stuff, including the new ZBOX External GPU Box (EGB) series, ZBOX Pro Embedded Solutions, ZBOX powered by Intel Core Ultra, and the ZBOX Healthcare series.

zotac computex 2

zotac computex 3


ZOTAC might have a surprise or two left for the show, but it is definitely coming in force, and the gaming handheld console will definitely be the star of the show.


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