Nvidia RTX TrueHDR comes soon
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Tuesday, 06 February 2024 11:57

Nvidia RTX TrueHDR comes soon

Converting SDR games to HDR in real-time with AI

Nvidia is apparently making final tweaks to its new feature called the RTX TrueHDR, which can convert SDR games to HRD in real-time by using Tensor cores on its RTX graphics cards.

Nvidia launches new Geforce RTX 3050 6GB graphics card
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Around 20 percent slower than the 8GB version

Nvidia has officially launched the new Geforce RTX 3050 6GB graphics card. While it might sound the same as the RTX 3050 8GB launched back in January 2022, this is a completely different graphics card, based on a different chip, coming with 2GB less VRAM, and being around 20 percent slower, all for $179.

Nvidia announces 14 new games with RTX at CES 2024
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Geforce NOW getting G-SYNC, 24 new G-SYNC gaming monitors, displays and TVs, and more

In addition to its RTX 40 SUPER series lineup announcement at CES 2024, Nvidia also announced some other updates, including a list of games that will be getting RTX updates, including DLSS and/or ray tracing. Nvidia Geforce is also getting a few updates including G-Sync support, and Nvidia was keen to note that there are 24 new G-SYNC monitors, displays, and TVs coming soon.

Nvidia teases upcoming Geforce RTX 40 SUPER series
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Announcements at the Nvidia CES 2024 Special Address

Nvidia has officially started teasing the upcoming Geforce RTX 40 SUPER series graphics cards that are expected to be announced during the CES 2024 Special Address.

AMD Radeon RX 7600 drops down to $249.99
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Putting some pressure on Nvidia's RTX 4060 launch

AMD's Radeon RX 7600 graphics card price has decreased to $249.99. This puts it at $20 below MSRP and should put some pressure on Nvidia's upcoming Geforce RTX 4060 graphics card.

Nvidia could launch RTX 4060 Ti in 8GB and 16GB versions
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The 8GB version comes this month, 16GB one in July

According to the latest rumor, it appears that Nvidia plans to launch the Geforce RTX 4060 Ti in both 8GB and 16GB versions, with the 8GB one coming this month and the 16GB version coming in July.

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 hype is overreaching itself
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Still no benchmarks

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is yet to release a benchmark but the hype is pouring out thick and fast -- mostly thick.

Nvidia brings support for Nvidia DLSS to 12 more games
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Hitman 3, F1 22, and more

Nvidia has been pushing hard to bring support for both DLSS and ray tracing to as many games as possible, and now, 12 more games have been put on the DLSS support list.

Nvidia could bring RTX 30 Super series in January 2022
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Lovelace RTX 40-series comes in Q4 2022

According to the latest rumors, Nvidia might be bringing RTX 30 Super SKUs early next year, lining it up with CES 2022 in January, while Q4 2022, or October, might be the timeframe for RTX 40-series based on Lovelace architecture.

Nvidia DLSS and Raytracing comes to eight new games
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DOOM Eternal looks impressive

Nvidia has announced that its DLSS and Raytracing tech is coming to eight new games, pushing the number of RTX titles to over 130.