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Gainward to launch super fast 4870 X2

by on07 November 2008


Three slot, OCed, in-house design

We told
you that Gainward is on its way to becoming ATI’s partner number two and ATI’s market does need some stronger competition, as Sapphire is almost alone in this game.

Gainward is about to spice it up as it plans to announce Gainward Rampage700 2048MB “GS”-GLH, its Radeon HD 4870 X2 overclocked card. It will work at 790, 40MHz faster than the reference X2 while the memory will work at 950+ MHz that will result in a DDR5 3800 speed. The reference card has a 900MHz memory clock that results with a DDR5 3600 speed. Of course, the Rampage700 has 2GB DDR5 memory.


The card has two fans and it will occupy three slots, and this might very well be the first ever three-slot card. It will be much quieter than the reference card, as Gainward claims less than 38 decibels while the reference design gets up to 57 decibels.

Gainward is again being innovative with display out ports. The reference card has dual DVI and HDTV support, while Gainward's card comes with DVI-I, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA out. The DVI also supports a DVI to HDMI connector.
This is how it looks and it should come out shortly.

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