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Gainward working on GTX 560 Ti Phantom

by on25 January 2011

Double the memory

It appears that Gainward is working on two more cards that will be a part of it Phantom Edition series, and as you could have guessed, they are based on the new GTX 560 Ti GPU. According to our info, Gainward will be rolling out both the 1GB and 2GB GTX 560 Ti Phantom cards.

As far as we know the Gainward GTX 560 Ti 1024MB Phantom Edition card will work at 835MHz for the GPU, 1670MHz for shaders and 4100MHz for 1GB of GDDR5 memory. The 2GB version of the same card will apparently use the reference clock settings set at 822/1645/4008, but we guess that it should overclock pretty good.

The card will use Gainward's Phantom2 (Phantom Quadratic) cooler with two GR8 8cm fans, four heatpipes and a design that is quite similar to the other Phantom Edition cards. According to Gainward, the card should be up to 13.1dB quieter and up to 11°C when compared to the cooler on the reference GTX 470 card.

The cards are already listed in Europe with the lowest price tag set at €247,52 for the 1GB version and €371,28 for the 2GB GTX 560 Ti Phantom. We guess that the prices will be a bit lower once other retailers/e-tailers get this card.



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