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Partners sold out GTX 590 in Europe

by on06 April 2011

Shops still have them, US sold out
Geforce GTX 590 at its default clock might not be the fastest card around, but despite the fact that Radeon HD 6990 wins in some benchmarks, GTX 590 still sells well.

A few partners have reported that each partner got a few hundred cards at launch, and most of them also confirmed that they sold these samples pretty much instantly. Don’t be affraid, according to or Geizhals price search there are plenty of cards in Austria and Germany and you can even get them in the UK market.

Let me remind you that Nvidia did drop the price in EU countries from original €650 including VAT to close to €600 including VAT. In the German speaking countries, cards are listed and most partner cards are available here.

Unfortunately the cards are sold out at Newegg and we could not find them available in the US market. Both Asus and EVGA cards are listed but none of them have them available. You can check it here. The second batch of cards is expected in some two weeks from today or four weeks from the official launch of March 24th.  So some cards should be coming US way in roughly two weeks, so placing a pre-order might not be a bad idea.


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