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GTX 580 mobile in the works

by on01 June 2011

Fastest mobile GPU ever
Introduction of Geforce GTX 560 mobile is not the last you've seen of the Geforce GTX 500 mobile series. Something has to replace the current king, GTX 485, and the new card is getting the GTX 580m name. Not a real surprise.

Our sources close to mobile computing industry are saying that the GPU will be the fastest GPU to date and that it can show some significant improvement over the existing GTX 485. Naturally if someone is crazy enough, and we know that people are, you will be able to put two of them together and get some absolutely amazing performance out of it.

It’s not surprise that you will need at least 17 inch notebook to put this quite hot GPU inside but this was always going to be the case. The TDP of a GTX 485M with 2GB of RAM goes up to 100W per card, so you can imagine that two would push it up to 200W TDP.

The new Geforce GTX 580 M should come this summer; this is the best timeframe we can provide at the moment.

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