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EVGA shows GeForce GTX 580 Classified

by on06 July 2011

EVGA’s Classified series usually means business and the latest sneak peek at Geforce GTX 580 Classified suggests it’ll be the case once more.

The company showed the card on its forums and although it didn’t reveal much, pictures say enough for now. Power circuitry is top of the line and the card has a dedicated 6-pin power connector for GDDR5 memory, voltage read points, voltage indicator LEDs, dual-BIOS, OC mode switch, etc.

It is powered via two 8-pin power connectors coupled with the aforementioned 6-pin one. The company hasn’t revealed much, meaning we’ll have to wait more for actual specs, but don’t expect it to be slow, or cheap for that matter.



Last modified on 06 July 2011
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