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Nvidia announces Geforce Experience

by on30 April 2012


Cloud-based graphics preset service

Following the GTX 690 announcement, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang announced the company's cloud service for gaming graphics presets dubbed the Geforce Experience.

The service is intended to analyze users' hardware setups and adjust in-game settings accordingly. Upon starting up a game, users will see a screen with default and Nvidia’s settings side by side.

Geforce Experience is supposed to simplify the process of setting up games, although hard core gamers are more likely to use it merely as starting point. It is said that mobile gaming will benefit from this as well, since in-game auto configurations from certain companies aren’t quite up to the mark.

Although it may seem simple at a glance, this will require quite some work, since new drivers, updates and patches all affect performance and in turn Nvidia’s optimum settings. Beta version of the service is expected to start in June.

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Last modified on 30 April 2012
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