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Haswell comes with up to 3X faster 3D

by on09 August 2012

Compared to Ivy Bridge

We know it’s a big statement but sources close to the matter that have seen a roadmap or a two have revealed us that Haswell comes three times faster 3D graphics than today’s Ivy Bridge Core i 3000 series.

It turns out that Haswell, Intel's fourth-generation core architecture, can score three times the performance of Ivy Bridge GT1 and the Haswell in mind is called GT2 Desktop SKU.

In addition the new core scores up to three times faster in video conversion, something that Intel got better in the last few processor generations. Of course, up to three times in 3D and up to two times in video conversion are best case scenarios, but it sounds quite optimistic and impressive.

It can make AMD and Nvidia run for their money in the lower end market segment and possibly better gaming at entry level notebooks and desktop computers.
When we asked one of the Nvidia’s general managers what happens if Intel gets its act together and get its integrated graphics much faster, he replied that Nvidia will make even faster entry level parts. The same probably goes for AMD, but with the added luxury of top notch graphics in APUs.

The chase will definitely continue heated up in Q2 2013 when we should expect to see the launch of Haswell.

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