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Geforce GTX 760, last 700-series card before fall

by on25 June 2013

No sign of new cards

Traditionally the northern hemisphere spends the months between late June and September on vacation, and the Geforce GTX 760, the card set to launch tomorrow, should be the last Nvidia card in 700-series launching for this period.

At this time, there is indication that there will be new cards coming, as Nvidia lets the Geforce GT 660, 650 Ti boost, 650 Ti and vanilla 650 coexist with the 700 series. Since they are all based on same or similar chips, it doesn’t come as a surprise.  vidia doesn’t see a value in rebranding the 650 series of cards to 750, at least not at this time.

Since graphics companies usually react to competing products in no time, Nvidia might consider strengthening its position in case AMD hits the market with desktop Radeon HD 8000 products and makes Nvidia run for its money. However, the real fun starts next year when Nvidia launches its Maxwell based GPU lineup, but one can clearly see that architecture is set to last two years on GPUs, while it changes every year for mobile SoC Tegra based processors.

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