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Nvidia counters R7 with GTX 750 Ti

by on04 October 2013

Yes, another GK106 product

Just a few hours after AMD unveiled its R9 and R7 cards in Hawaii last week, rumours of new Nvidia cards started coming from the usual suspects. According to these more or less obvious rumours, Nvidia was supposed the launch two “new” products to counter AMD in the sub-$250 segment.

One of these cards appears to be the GTX 750 Ti and now WCCFtech reports that Chinese site has produced a sample and even ran a few benchmarks. It’s based on a revised GK106 core with 960 CUDA cores, 32 ROPs and 80 TMUs. The base clock is 1033MHz, while the boost speed is 1098MHz, by no means spectacular.

However, the biggest difference is the bus. Nvidia went for a 256-bit memory bus rather than a 192-bit one which is usually used on GK106 cards. Since Nvidia doesn’t have a new GPU to counter AMD, going for a wider bus makes sense.

The other card spewed out by the rumour mill is the GTX 770 Ti, which might even be based on the big GK110 core.

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