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Nvidia showcases Gamestream

by on18 October 2013

Netflix experience for games

Jen Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia believes that the future of gaming is cloud gaming. At Nvidia’s Montreal event he just announced Gamestream technology.

He showed Gamestream from PC games to Shield, but this time Shield can stream the game back to the TV in your living room. This should be useful for people who have a TV outside of the room where they have their gaming PC. Jensen showed off that he has a 4K 84-inch TV and a Titan PC, but it he had anything less, we would be disappointed.

Ujesh Desai, VP of marketing at Nvidia demonstrated a stream from PC to Shield in game console mode. You need a wireless Bluetooth controller with really low latency to make it all work. The Shield console uses a standard HDMI cable to pass the stream to the TV, so it should work on any TV. 

Ujesh launched a stream on 1080p via Gigabit Wlan and in case you have older 802.11n equipment you will be able to use up to 720p, Huang added. He also stressed that Gamestream will feature very low latency. Ujesh used a Nyko controler to play a Batman Arkham Origins on a big 4K monitor and the demo worked quite well.



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