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AMD announces four new FirePro graphics cards

by on12 August 2014


The rest of the new FirePro lineup comes soon

During SIGGRAPH 2014 conference held at Vancouver, AMD announced the rest of its FirePro professional graphics card lineup which will join the recently introduced AMD FirePro W9100 and the FirePro W8100 cards. The new additions will include the FirePro W2100, FirePro W4100, FirePro W5100 and the AMD FirePro W7100.

According to AMD, the FirePro lineup is "designed to provide exceptional application performance for entry-level workstation users up to the ultra power users" and "feature larger memory configurations, 4K display support, increased compute performance, applications certifications and rock-sold drivers." AMD's FirePro lineup is mostly aimed at CAD, video, animation, design and engineering professionals and the new additions stretch the product line from entry-level to high-end part of that market.


The new lineup starts with the AMD FirePro W2100 graphics card which is based on AMD's Oland GPU. It packs 320 stream processors, has a 64-bit memory interface with 2GB of memory, 26W TDP and is based on GCN 1.0 architecture. It offers two DisplayPort outputs, should replace AMD's old V4900 FirePro graphics card and is more aimed at light workloads where more that two displays are not needed.


The next in line is yet another entry-level FirePro graphics card based on AMD's GCN 1.0 Cape Verde GPU with 512 Stream Processors, the FirePro W4100. It has 2GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface, has 50W TDP and features four display outputs which should make it suitable for light workloads and entry level CAD usage.


The mid-range addition is a bit more serious FirePro W5100 based on AMD's Bonaire GCN 1.1 GPU which should replace the earlier available Pitcairn-based FirePro W5000. This one packs 768 Stream Processors, offer 1.4 TFLOPS of compute performance and comes with a 128-bit memory interface connected to 4GB of 6GHz clocked GDDR5 memory. It also comes with four full size DisplayPort outputs with 4K support but with low memory amount and humble compute performance, it is still a mid-range professional graphics card but nevertheless a decent update to the Pitcairn-based FirePro W5000.


The most interesting new FirePro graphics card is the AMD FirePro W7100. Based on the yet to be released AMD Tonga GPU, it will be a decent update from the Tahiti-based FirePro W7000. If the desktop graphics card rumors about Tonga GPU are true, the FirePro W7100 could offer higher performance at lower power consumption. Unfortunately, AMD did not reveal much specification details regarding the FirePro W7100 but we do know it will pack 1792 Stream Processors (28 CUs) and 8GB of 5GHz clocked GDDR5 memory paired up with a 256-bit memory interface.


When compared to the Tahiti-based FirePro W7000, the FirePro W7100 should offer much better performance due to its higher Stream Processor count and double the amount of memory. With four DisplayPort outputs, it should be able to satisfy those looking for a budget alternative for Hawaii-based FirePro W9100 and W8100.

During the same event, AMD has also announced that it will be bringing its Mantle API to FirePro professional graphics card lineup. The idea behind it is to bring all the benefits seen with gaming to the professional applications which should benefit all professional workflows.


While it did not announce any details regarding the pricing of the new AMD FirePro professional graphics cards, AMD did note that the FirePro W2100, W4100 and W5100 will be available as of September 2014 while the FirePro W7100 will come in Q4 2014.


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