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Nvidia's upcoming Geforce GTX 960 detailed

by on15 January 2015

GM206 GPU with 1024 CUDA cores

Just a week ahead of the rumored official launch scheduled for January 22nd, we now have the first leaked slides showing most of the specifications of Nvidia's upcoming Geforce GTX 960 graphics card based on the GM206 Maxwell GPU.

While the slides leaked at did not reveal the precise ROP and TMU count of the GM206 GPU, they do reveal that the Geforce GTX 960 will pack 1024 CUDA cores and work at 1127MHz base and 1178MHz GPU Boost clocks. The reference and standard version will pack 2GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface although we are quite sure that 4GB versions will follow soon after the launch.

The most interesting piece of information is the new "Effective Memory Speed" listed in the slide. Although the GTX 960 will come with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1753MHz (7012MHz), the revealed effective memory speed is 9.3Gbps, which most likely has something to do with NVidia's new 3rd gen. color compression (delta compression) algorithm. According to Nvidia, we will be looking at 33 percent higher bandwidth compared to Kepler GPU based graphics cards.

The new Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 will come with two DVI, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 outputs and have a 120W TDP with single 6-pin PCI-Express power connector.

According to Nvidia, the Geforce GTX 960 will be a perfect graphics card for 1080p gaming at 60FPS, and it will be capable of doing it at twice the power efficiency compared to the GTX 660. According to the leaked slides, the GTX 960 will also be an "overclocker's dream" as the GPU will be able to easily reach 1500MHz while the memory will be overclockable to 7.5Gbps.

Unfortuantely, slides do not mention the official launch price which probably still is not carved in stone. The current launch/NDA date is set for January 22nd (6:00 AM PST) so we will probably see more leaks as we draw closer to it.

Nvidia GTX960VC 1

Nvidia GTX960VC 2

Nvidia GTX960VC 3

Nvidia GTX960VC 4


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