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Oculus VR unveils the Oculus Rift

by on11 June 2015

Final version gets announced

After three years since we first saw it, Oculus VR has finally unveiled the final consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset at its dedicated press event in San Francisco.

The final design of the Oculus Rift will include some improvements including two OLED screens and although we do not know the actual resolution or any other details regarding those screens, Oculus VR is promising clarity, wide field of view and no motion blur, judder or pixels.


oculus rift 1

Brendan Iribe from Oculus VR said that the final version is lighter and more comfortable, due to new straps, covered in fabric, and that it "feels like you have just put on a pair of glasses." It also allows users to adjust the distance between lenses.

 oculus rift 2

In addition to lighter and more comfortable design and new OLED screens, the Oculus Rift will also have headphones attached to the side of the headset, which are detachable in case you want to use better or just some other headphones.

oculus rift 3 

The final version of the Oculus Rift also comes with a new "constellation tracking system" which promises low-latency and the sensation of presence. The tracking system is quite compact and can double up as a stand for the Rift headset.

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When it comes to control, Oculus VR teamed up with Microsoft and will be bundling the Xbox One controller with the Rift. It appears that Oculus VR has definitely partnered up with Microsoft as the Rift will have tight integration with both Windows 10 and Xbox One, allowing users to Xbox streaming function.

The biggest surprise at the event were Oculus VR's own controller, called the Oculus Touch. While most games could work with Xbox One controller, Oculus VR co-founder, Palmer Luckey said that different games require different type of input and Oculus Touch might be the best option for some games.

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Based on two wireless controllers, each with an analog thumbstick, trigger button and two standard buttons next to the thumbstick, the Oculus Touch will probably have some type of sensors as well and should offer, according to Luckey, a "hand presence" in games, allowing users to manipulate items in virtual world.

The Oculus Touch will use high-precision tracking, same as the headset, have support for gestures and have a built-in haptic feedback.

oculus rift 6 

While we were eagerly awaiting the most important pieces of information, we did not get them, as Oculus VR is still sticking to the Q1 2016 launch timeframe and did not even talk about the price. Oculus Rift will be a big piece of E3 2015 gameshow and we will hopefully hear more and see more details regarding it.

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