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Nvidia releases Geforce 353.30 WHQL driver

by on23 June 2015

Game Ready driver for Batman: Arkham Knight

Nvidia has released the new Geforce 353.30 WHQL Game Ready driver.which was expected with the launch of the new Batman: Arkham Knight game which uses Nvidia's GameWorks effects, 

The new Geforce 353.30 WHQL Game Ready driver brings all the game optimisations, SLI profile and Geforce Experience settings for Batman: Arkham Knight game. It is needed to make use of some Nvidia GameWorks effects, including PhysX Clothing and Destruction, Enhanced Rain, Nvidia Turbulence and Particle Shadow Mapping.

In addition to Batman: Arkham Knight, the new Geforce 353.30 driver also includes and SLI profile for Lord of Vermilion Arena game in DirectX 9 mode.

Unfortunately the Batman: Arkham Knight game, which launched today, is plagued by numerous bugs on the PC, including a 30FPS lock, which can be fixed via config file. There is also stuttering, crashes and other issues, on both AMD and Nvidia hardware. Rocksteady Studios has issued a statement pn its community forums saying thet they are aware of the issues with the PC version of the game and is currently working on resolving them.

As always, the new Geforce 353.30 WHQL Game Ready driver is available for download via Nvidia Geforce Experience application or the dedicated Drivers page. In case you missed it earlier, Batman: Arkham Knight is available as a part of Nvidia's new game bundle for new buyers of select Geforce GTX 980 Ti, 980, 970 and 960 graphics cards, or a GTX 970M or above equipped notebook.

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Last modified on 23 June 2015
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