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Titan cost $2000 claims Intel exec

by on03 September 2015

"Fact" used to prove Skylake does H.265 faster

In a desperate bid to demonstrate how good the H.265 decode is on Skylake, Intel was a little creative about its facts.

At Intel's press conference at IFA, Kirk Skaugen Senior Vice President General Manager, Client Computing Group and his assistant "Doug" kept comparing how good the H.265 decode is on Skylake against a "$2000 Titan Nvidia card."

There is one problem with this. There is no such thing as "$2000 Titan Nvidia card".

We went on Newegg and a few other places to see that Nvidia Titan X from EVGA sells for $1029. This is not cheap, but this is not "$2000 Titan Nvidia card" either.

The second card that has two Titan GPUs called Titan Z sells for $1,549.99 again not "$2000 Titan Nvidia card" but not cheap either. It might be true that Intel can process H.265 faster than the Maxwell generation GPU but at the same time, Titan X and Z will obliterate Intel in games.

Intel has showed that a Skylake GPU could process H.265 better and smoother than Nvidia, but it is inescapable that there is no such a thing as "$2000 Titan Nvidia card". Intel could have been comparing Skylake against any Nvidia GPU or for that matter it could have been testing it against something different – like a banjo.

Just minutes after bashing world's largest GPU manufacturer, Skaugen started praising the gaming market and how it was a big that opportunity.

They need each other. Nvidia's GPU needs a decent CPU and Intel needs Nvidia or AMD to provide a GPU for serious gamers. Intel claims that Iris PRO is enough which is far from reality. Every serious gamer we know owns a discrete GPU and Iris Pro might be enough for World of Tanks, casual gamers but not for everyone.


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