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PlayStation VR launches in October

by on16 March 2016

$400 beats competition

The PlayStation VR headset will launch in October 2016 for $400, €400, £350 or ¥44,980 in Japan. This means that the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR would be the cheapest way to get a desktop VR experience.

Sony has showcased the PlayStation VR at the E3 in June 2015 and from consumer point of view, they were the best looking VR glasses on the market. It used to be called Project Mortheus, of you can remember Matrix, and the general idea was to get some glasses to get a VR experience out of your PlayStation 4.

So far Sony sold 36 million consoles since the PlayStation 4 launch in 2013 beating the Xbox One, in sales numbers. Sony is bragging around that there are more than 230 developers working on the content for VR and it will have 50 games designed to take an advantage of VR by October. PlayStation VR at $399 and PlayStation 4 consoles selling for $349 makes it the cheapest VR solution out there. The Vive VR kit is more expensive and you need to add the expensive PC to make it work. This is a huge advantage for Sony althogh the visuals will definitely be better on both Oculus and HTC Vive.

One of the biggest wins for the whole Virtual Reality ecosystem is the Star Wars: Battlefront experience for PlayStation VR. This means that the big guys including EA, Lucas Films and DICE are starting to take this market seriously.

The consumer version pf PlayStation VR comes with 5.7 inch OLED screen with 1920x1080 resolution at 120 Hz, 360 degree tracking. Sony promises that the latency will stay at less than 18ms and the PS VR will have support for 3D audio.

The promotional video includes a few games including R MCL Rigs, Rush of Blood, PlayStation VR Worlds, The Playroom VR, Robinson the journey, Eagle Flight, Golem, Eve Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battle Zone and Ace Combat 7.

Some of these games are available on either Oculus or Vive, and developers plan to have the same games on multiple platforms. The bad thing is that graphics on any VR platform doesn’t look that great. It is hard to render two screens and console graphics were never the greatest in the first place.

PlayStation VR is a big win for AMD, as they are the ones who have their CPU and GPU inside.


Last modified on 16 March 2016
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