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AMD CEO believes VR is a long term investments

by on27 April 2016

Money in quarters and years to come

AMD's CEO was quite direct when she was asked about the VR strategy and VR market. Lisa said that this is a strategic area.

Lisa Su, AMD's CEO and President expects that the VR market and its importance will pick up over the next number of quarters and over the next years, but it's not a near-term driver. Near-term driver would be something that would bring the money in very soon, and apparently Virtual Reality is simply not that.

Lisa Su - President, CEO & Non-Independent Director

We (AMD) believe VR is a strategic area where you will see more pickup over the next number of quarters and over the next years, but it's not the near-term driver.

Lisa also mentioned that Polaris GPUs will affect the revenues in the second half of 2016 as we all expect them to launch in the last month of Q2 2016 (June). Virtual Reality capable devices have been shipping slowly but surely and a few analysts expect that the mixture of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be in a few hundred thousand range, certainly not in millions.

The fact that Virtual Reality is a long-term strategy, long term revenue and sales driver should not come as a surprise. We wanted to address this topic as many industry figures preach that the Virtual Reality is the holy grail of entertainment and gaming. It is still too early for that as the key gaming publishers still have to feel the market in order to put some serious development money behind this project.

Unfortunately for VR on the PC, Sony with its PlayStation 4 Morpheus VR kit might become an instant leader as Sony controls both the game development and hardware infrastructure, and it comes at much lower TCO price (Total Cost of Ownership).

As some of our influential industry contacts like to say, VR is still in its infancy and we definitely agree. The hype is definitely bigger than the revenue and VR driven sales.


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