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AMD could announce Polaris graphics cards in late May

by on09 May 2016

Launching at Computex 2016 show

According to a fresh rumor report, AMD could announced its first Polaris GPU architecture based graphics cards at a dedicated event in China, in late May.

While earlier reports suggested that Computex 2016 show might be the place that AMD picked for launch of its graphics cards based on 14nm Polaris GPU architecture, a fresh report coming from Zolkorn site claims that the press announcement, or a paper-launch, might actually happen at a dedicated event in China.

According to the source, AMD has already sent out invites to a select members of the press for an event that will take place in Macau, China. It is believed that AMD will officially present first Radeon R9 400 series graphics cards based on Ellesmere and Baffin GPUs at this event.

As this will probably be a paper-launch, the official launch could still be scheduled for Computex 2016 show when AMD AIB partners will have those same graphics cards ready.

The same report also suggests that the new Radeon R9 400 series graphics card should be available shortly after Computex 2016 show, which will allow Nvidia to somewhat counter Nvidia's recent GTX 1080/1070 launch, although we are pretty sure that these will not target the same market segment.


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