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Vega 20 GPU arrives late 2017

by on22 September 2016

Replaces Vega 10, 32GB HBM 2

Vega 10 is Radeon Technology Group’s first HBM 2 part and should launch in early 2017. AMD – RTG is also planning a successor called Vega 20 that might launch later in the year.

Vega 20 is a 14nm FinFET product, and it should follow the release of Vega 10. It should not take more than six to nine months after the Vega 10 launch, to see the card's updated version.

The 2017 Roadmap includes a few GPUs, Vega 10, Vega 11 and Vega 20. The Vega 11 seems to be a mainstream part, following the same path as the Polaris 10 and 11. Polaris 10 was a performance – mainstream card which ended up branded as Radeon RX 480 while Polaris 11 ended up as the Radeon RX 460 playing in $120 to $150 market.

Vega 20 will replace the Vega 10 but it is not clear what kind of innovation to expect. It will definitely be faster; one can suspect to see a dual chip version of Vega too.

Vega 20 should double the size of the memory and might even double bandwidth of the card. This is important for the professional and compute market as AMD wants the part of this profitable market.

The Vega 20 will end up having the  data fabric interconnection we mentioned a year ago. This is a far interconnection between CPU and GPU but at the same time the new GPU might end up with PCIe 4.0.

This is a 150+ Watt product, so it is high end but with new memory interfaces and more memory it should end up significantly faster than the Vega 10. There will be fun times ahead.

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