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Nvidia makes semi-official statement regarding drivers telemetry

by on08 November 2016

All in EULA and FAQ and just for bug/error reporting

Nvidia telemetry issue with some of its latest drivers has gained a lot of ground in the last few days and finally we have a semi-official response from Nvidia, saying that it is all in EULA and that it is only meant for crash and bug reporting.

According to details first reported on Major Geeks site and caught by Reddit, the latest Nvidia Geforce drivers have added telemetry and data collecting without officially informing the public.

Although there is a somewhat decent way to get rid of unwanted telemetry for those that are concerned about privacy, it appears that these were only used by Geforce Experience to crash and bug report as well as system information needed to deliver the correct drivers and optimal settings, at least according to Nvidia.

Nvidia was also keen to note that the company does not share any "personally identifiable information collected by Geforce Experience outside the company, except for aggregate-level data".

To make things even more interesting, it appears that such telemetry and data collection was already included with the first version of the Geforce Experience with the only change that, in the latest Geforce Experience 3.0 version, the error reporting and data collection are now done in real-time.

You can check out the original article at Major Geeks in case you looking for a way to get rid of it and find the Nvidia response in Geforce Forums.

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Last modified on 08 November 2016
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