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More AMD Radeon 500 series details tip up

by on20 March 2017

New 14nm LPP process and new Polaris 20 GPUs

It appears that AMD's upcoming Radeon 500 series will indeed be based on current Polaris GPU architecture but will also be moving to a new 14nm LPP manufacturing process and bring new Polaris 12, Polaris 20 and Polaris 21 GPUs.

According to a rumor coming from and some other sites, the updated Radeon RX 500 series will be coming in April and use GPUs made on GlobalFoundries'  (GloFo's) 14nm LPP (Low Power Plus), bringing more performance and power efficiency to the Polaris GPU lineup.

The 14nm LPP is said to bring around 15 percent higher performance as well as 15 percent lower power draw, compared to the earlier 14nm LPE (Low Power Early) manufacturing process.

By changing to the new 14nm LPP manufacturing process, AMD will be changing the names of some of its Polaris GPUs, introducing new Polaris 12, Polaris 20 and Polaris 21 GPUs.

The list of new Polaris GPUs starts with the Polaris 12 GPU with 640 Stream Processors, which could power the RX 550 graphics card as well as the Polaris 21 GPU, which is ought to be the new mainstream GPU with 1024 Stream Processors and power Radeon RX 560 graphics card.

The new Polaris 20 GPU, with 2048 and 2304 Stream Processors, which may replace the Polaris 10 GPU and power both the high-end RX 570 and the RX 580 graphics card. The GPU will be paired up with 4GB or 8GB of GDDR5(x) memory on a 256-bit memory interface and have a Boost clock of well over 1.2GHz.

The higher clocks, as well as the better power efficiency, are likely to keep AMD's graphics card lineup around and competitive in the mainstream market, but Nvidia will still hold the performance crown until AMD manages to push out the high-end Vega GPU, which is rumored to be at  May/early June launch.


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