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AMD has massive shortage of 500 series

by on15 June 2017

Don’t hope to get one soon

Miners of the modern world are using the Radeon and Geforce cards to dig the ore called Ethereum.

These miners are responsible for the biggest shortage of Radeon 500 and 400 series in recent history as they can put the cards to work and make some money out of them.

Fudzilla talked with numerous sources in the industry and the cards are simply impossible to buy. One of the biggest German etailers is listing the cards for north of €300 and doesn’t claim availability anytime soon.

Add in board partners (AIBs) also confirmed that there won’t be cards anytime soon, some might show up in a few weeks but miners want them all. If you are a gamer, it will be very hard to get any Radeon 570 and 580 card. There is also a rumor that AMD might have some production issues with 500 series. This, so far, has been hard to confirm.

Radeon 400 and 500 series are proving the best hash rate performers on the market but Geforce GTX 1060 3GB comes very close to it. It is not hard to predict that miners are going to jump on the 1060 bandwagon and try to employ these cards to mine as soon as possible.

On February 6, Ethereum was $11.21 while on June 13 it jumped all the way up to $ 395.13. Today, at press time the price was down to close to $300. This price was still enough to return the investment made in GPUs within weeks. Based on electricity bills, the card can pay itself off within 6 – 8 weeks and if the Ethereum price remains at $304.41 it can result in profits of $1,684.38.


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