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Intel officially launches Arc A380 in China

by on15 June 2022

Updated: GUNNIR follows with custom Arc A380 Photon

Intel has officially launched the Arc A380 desktop graphics card in China at 1030 yuan. GUNNIR, Chinese-based graphics card maker has also announced its custom version, the A380 Photon.

In case you missed it, the Intel A380 packs 8 Xe cores, which is a fully enabled ACM-G11 GPU, packing 1024 FP32 cores. It comes with 6GB of 16Gbps GDDR6 memory on a 96-bit memory interface, leaving it with 192GB/s of memory bandwidth. The GPU works at a 2000MHz base GPU clock and the TDP is set at 75W.

intel arca380 1

GUNNIR, one of the well-known Chinese AIB partners, has already announced its own versions of the Arc A380, including a custom A380 Photo OC version, which has a factory-overclocked GPU, working at up to 2450MHz, but needs a single 8-pin PCIe power connector, due to 92W TBP. It uses an aluminum block with two fans for cooling. Surprisingly, the memory is clocked at 15.5Gbps, which is somewhat slower compared to the reference card.

gunnir a380photon 1

Intel advertises the A380 as a gaming-capable graphics card, but bear in mind that this is an entry-level GPU so 1080p at 60FPS on medium settings in less demanding titles is pretty much what it can do. According to Intel, the A380 is up to 25 percent faster than Radeon RX 6400. 

Update: Intel informed us that something probably got lost in translation and that the performance for the Arc A380 is actually 25 percent per yuan compared to the AMD Radeon RX 6400.  

intel arca380 2

The official price is set at 1030 yuan, which is about $150.


Last modified on 15 June 2022
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