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Intel confirms Arc A780 graphics card was never planned

by on20 July 2022

A770 remains top

Intel’s Ryan Shrout, part of the Intel marketing group, used his Twitter to confirm that the Arc A780 card never existed.

The rumor was spread on YouTube, but Shrout quickly shut it. Whether Intel ever flirted with the faster-than Arc A770 card or not remains unknown.

The company has confirmed the existence of Arc A770 and Arc A750. The latter was teased at Intel’s official website showing the first performance numbers on an Intel Arc A750 engineering edition card and driver and compared it to retail EVGA GeForce 3060 XC Gaming, 12G-P5-3657-KR card.

Intel’s Arc A750 is between six and seventeen percent faster in five games. Fortnite runs six percent faster on Arc A750. Borderlands 3 is thirteen percent faster, and Control (One of the first Ray Tracing game enabled by Nvidia) is fourteen percent faster on Arc A750. Cyberpunk 2077 runs fifteen percent faster on Intel, while F1 2021 is seventeen percent faster.

intel arc a750 vs nvidia rtx 3060 2048x1280

Obviously, the Arc A770 will be faster and might challenge faster than GeForce 3060 card, but Intel is not ready to share these details yet. It is good that the competition is spicing up and that Nvidia and AMD are getting some pressure. Getting the third player in the market usually leads to price normalization, benefiting gamers.


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