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Intel brings significant performance improvements with latest GPU driver update

by on01 February 2023

Cuts the price of Arc A750 down to $249

Intel has finally brought the promised and much-needed performance improvements with its latest GPU driver update, as well as cut the price of the Arc A750, raising the performance per buck to a new level.

In short, the latest graphics update brings an average of 43 percent performance gains in DirectX 9 games, at least compared to the launch driver. The new driver also improves 99th percentile frames by up to 60 percent. In addition to DirectX 9 games, the new driver also brings performance improvements, and, more importantly, stability improvements, in some DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games.

Bear in mind that Intel is talking about its .4086 driver while the latest one is the .4091 and the list of improvements include:

1080p Avg FPS: Up to 77% improvement
1080p 99th Percentile Normalized: Up to 114% improvement
1440p Avg FPS: Up to 87% improvement
1440p 99th Percentile Normalized: Up to 123% improvement
Aggregate DX9 FPS improvement: 43%
Aggregate DX9 99th Percentile improvement: 60%

intel 4086driver 1

intel 4086driver 2

Intel is also announcing the new bundle, giving buyers of Arc graphics cards and systems Nightingale and The Settlers: New Allies games, both coming later this year.

Intel also announced that there are currently over 35 titles with Intel XeSS upscaling, with more coming this year.

intel 4086driver 6

intel 4086driver 5


Intel Arc A750 drops down to $249

Intel also reduced the price of its Arc A750 graphics card down to $249, a $30 cut compared to the launch price. Intel was also keen to note that this now means that the Arc A750 offers 52 percent better performance per buck compared to the RTX 3060.

intel 4086driver 3

The price cut is apparently worldwide deal, so we will surely keep an eye on prices in Europe and other markets.


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