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Geforce 8600GTS works at 675 MHz

by on08 March 2007
80 nanometre can push it high


We found out that chip that use to be codenamed G84 will end up with much higher frequencies than we originally expected. G84 based Geforce 8600GTS, a top of the mainstream offer will end up clocked at 675 MHz core. We still don’t know the memory clock but we are sure that Nvidia plans to use the GDDR 3 memory with speeds higher than 1600 MHz, if not even higher.


G84 will be fastest clocked chip from Nvidia to date and the clock comes in such a high speed only thanks to the 80 nanometre marchitecture. G80 works at at default at 575 MHz but G80 is 90 nanometre, not 80 as G84.

This is very close to the limit of the technology as you can not clock 80 nanometre chips at much higher frequency than 700 Mhz. Obviously Nvidia has to think about shrinking the chip to 65 nanometre but this won’t happen anytime soon as least not that we know off.


We already said here that the launch date is April, middle of the month.

Last modified on 08 March 2007
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