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Ati to get back in Q3

by on11 May 2007


The real counter Nvidia attack

Sources close to DAAMIT confirmed that the company is about to start a mission called Total annihilation against Nvidia.

R600XT and the RV630 and RV610 are just the beginning and in Q3 ATI will introduce RV670 the Radeon HD 2950 PRO and R650 based Radeon HD 2950XTX and XT cards. This is the time where ATI hopes to really hurt Nvidia.

Q3 starts in July and ends in September and by this time ATI will finally ramp up the production of RV610 and RV630 chips and will have a lot of products to fight Nvidia, including the mobile ones.

The only question is can ATI stick to this timeframe, we hope it can for its own good. Still Nvidia wont be resting and sleeping so you can expect a nice fight at the end of this summer.

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