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Nvidia to launch 9400/9500 in June

by on22 April 2008


Still a lot of 8400s to sell

Nvidia plans to complete the Geforce 9 introduction and the last pieces of the puzzle are called Geforce 9400 and 9500.

Samples are available to Nvidia's best customers, but it looks that Nvidia might wait until June to launch these products.

The reason is that it still has a lot of 8400s that OEM’s don’t really want. On the other hand, Nvidia’s partners are also sitting on a lot of 8400 cards, so it is unlikely that Nvidia can get rid of them quickly.

On the other hand, we heard that the Geforce 8500 is selling quite well, but for an additional €10 to €20 you can get a much faster 8600GT card.

ATI forced Nvidia into the price war and users have simply too many products in the sub €100 market space, which makes it much more difficult to decide what to get.

When we say Nvidia has a lot of 8400's in its hands, we heard a figure of 2 million, and that is a lot of chips.

Last modified on 22 April 2008
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