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ATI to announce Lasso external graphics

by on19 May 2008


Finally, an external graphics card

Do you still remember Asus' attempt at making an external graphics card? After a lot of noise last year, Asus went all quiet on that front and it doesn’t look that it will ever succeed in launching a product. It was a nice attention magnet on many trade shows. The Asus XG station is a dead concept as the PC-card slot was never good enough for graphics, at least this is what we’ve heard from some engineering sources.

We’ve learned that ATI plans to reveal its external graphics card based on the RV670 chip and the product itself is codenamed Lasso. There was a lot of talk about it last year, but we guess ATI changed its mind and concept and it is ready to launch it now at the time of Puma.

We will have to disappoint many of you, as Lasso will need a custom, and yet very fast connector in order to work; and legacy notebooks that are out today won’t be able to cope with it.

Lasso will launch together with notebooks that will support this concept and it will be marketed as the right solution for the graphics performance option for future notebooks.

ATI will showcase this technology around Computex time, but its still unclear when it will officially launch. We suspect that it will be ready for back to school (by late July to August time).  

Last modified on 19 May 2008
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